CommissioningMDWe pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and a key part is to ensure those responsible in operating and maintaining our equipment are fully trained and prepared.

We travel the world to be alongside your employees during the final installation and start-up processes.  Our team of technicians will provide a comprehensive review of all aspects of the mechanical and electrical install to ensure proper operation even before power is applied.  We then take you from the initial start-up to full operation and everything in between including preventative maintenance to ensure you receive the expected equipment efficiency and service life.

Our commissioning services make certain your new Eagle equipment and operational processes are running their best and your employees are knowledgeable in how to operate and maintain them properly.

Commissioning Services

Eagle’s wide-ranging commissioning activities include but are not limited to:
      • Mechanical & Electrical Install Validation
      • Start-Up of Each Piece of Equipment
      • Performance Testing of Equipment and Control Systems
      • Comprehensive Training of Equipment and Processes
      • Scheduled Maintenance

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