About Us

Manufacturing PlantWe are a global leader in the design and manufacture of production and automation equipment serving the lead acid battery industry.  With over 25 years of experience working with battery manufacturers and material handling and oxide production systems, Eagle has the expertise to meet your battery production needs. We are the lead oxide experts!


Joe McKinley and Earl Busdieker, after spending years in the lead oxide production business, came together and started Eagle Oxide Services.  The goal, provide high quality lead oxide production equipment and service to the lead acid battery industry.  With both entrepreneurs tapping into their lead oxide experience, they had the vision to understand the need for an equipment manufacturer to not only provide systems but to also provide expertise in the production and use of lead oxides.  By the success of delivering on both product and service, this led to building trust and repeat business with the major battery manufacturers throughout the world.


Growth continued requiring the owners of Eagle to purchase an equipment manufacturer to enable Eagle to obtain full control of building the multiple products within their portfolio.  By having direct manufacturing oversight, quality and delivery continued to excel.


Again, the owners of Eagle had the vision to meet industry needs by capitalizing on the capabilities of their equipment manufacturing facility by marketing and selling the ability to design and build custom manufacturing equipment.  This expansion led to gaining additional expertise in many types of manufacturing processes and systems which has further enhanced the design and build of the oxide equipment.


As growth continued and having outgrown the original manufacturing space, the decision was made to move the plant to a new 54,000 ft2 (5,016 m2) facility.  This new space has led to further growth in product offerings, size, and capabilities.


As engineering demands grew in designing and developing new industrial automation equipment, it became clear more engineering staff was required.  To facilitate this need, a local engineering firm was acquired which greatly increased the engineering team and experience related to automation, robotics, vision systems, controls, and complex assembly capabilities.


From automated assembly cells, palletizers, and material handling to ball mill and Barton systems, red lead and litharge furnaces, melt pots, ingot conveyors, pneumatic transfer systems, and integrated controls, Eagle is your premier equipment and service team provider.

Manufacturing FacilityWith multiple customers in over 35 different countries, its world headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, and a new manufacturing location just 40 minutes away, Eagle supports its customers around the globe with technical expertise, equipment, parts, and service.

Competition continues to push hard in the battery and energy storage industry.  The ability to produce batteries with higher performance, at lower cost, and with lower environmental impact is a constant challenge.  Eagle’s knowledge of lead oxides and manufacturing automation makes Eagle the strategic business partner you need in this competitive market.


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