Melt Pots

Eagle Lead Metal Melt Pots

Specialized Equipment From the Oxide Equipment Experts!

Eagle’s efficient lead melt pots are custom designed to fit your molten lead needs; from 5 to 147 ton capacity.

Eagle has many years of experience building high quality melt pots for the following processes –

  • Barton Oxide Molten Lead Feed
  • Ball Mill Cylinder Casting
  • Lead Strip Casting
  • Grid Casting
  • Parts Casting

Each melt pot uses Eagle’s advanced automatic level control, lead pumping systems, and are powered by gas, oil, or electric heat. Size and shape of the melt pot can vary between round, square, and rectangle sizes depending upon the volume throughout the required space available to integrate with surrounding equipment. Crucible construction materials include carbon steel, stainless steel and castable refractory are based upon melt pot size and customer preference.

Each melt pot is refractory lined with ceramic modules or firebrick depending upon energy source selected. Also included is a heat and fume controlling exhaust hood with customizable access door sizes and locations.

With multiple melt pots in operation throughout the world, Eagle can custom design and build the right size to fit your specific needs!
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147 Ton
60 Ton
Various Ingot Sizes