Eagle Automation & Specialized Equipment

The primary challenge in most production environments is moving materials from one point to another efficiently and safely. Eagle designs and builds many types of custom conveyors and material handling equipment that work within your battery manufacturing process.

  • Ingot Conveyors – 25, 40, & 1000 kg ingot sizes
  • Pellet Conveyors – varying sizes and types
  • Belt Conveyors – rubber or steel for transfer and feed lines
  • Roller Conveyors – live roller, gravity, palletizing
  • Vibratory Feed Conveyors – part delivery
  • Pneumatic Conveyors – plastic pellet and lead oxide transfers including storage silos
  • Screw Conveyors – lead oxide transport
  • Bucket Elevators – lead oxide transport

Eagle has the expertise to build your next material handling solutions. Using our knowledgeable engineering staff and by asking critical questions surrounding your needs, the correct conveyance delivery system is designed and built to fit your specific need. Depending upon the system design, Eagle can also provide turn-key controls to operate the conveyor equipment independently or in conjunction with up-stream or down-stream systems.

You can count on Eagle to provide solid, industrial strength material transport systems and along with our highly admired global service and support team; we are the logical material handler of choice. Contact Eagle today!


Steel Track Conveyor Systems

Pellet Conveyor
Screw Conveyor